Ever wonder how “well” a company is run – a quantitative measure of corporate governance. Institutional Shareholder Services has developed a score called the Corporate Governance Quotient (CGQ for short). Although it’s been around since 2002, it’s only been available to paid subscribers since April. However, the score was recently added to Yahoo Finance for free. However, you but you won’t see any of the details behind the score as you need to pay for this service. What you will see on Yahoo Finance is how the company’s score compares to other Fortune 500 customers, and another score on how the company compares to other companies in the same industry. Here’s IBM’s score:

“International Business Machines Corp’s Corporate Governance Quotient (CGQ®) as of 1-Jun-05 is better than 16% of S&P 500 companies and 71.2% of Technology Hardware & Equipment companies.”

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