This past weekend, IBM passed the 50K user count for production mail users on Domino 7 beta. These are not test mailboxes, but rather production mail users on Domino 7 beta code. The server code is a mix of public beta 3 code and subsequent milestone builds running on a variety of hardware platforms (AIX on pSeries, OS/400 on iSeries, zOS and zOS on zSeries) Users access their mail file using a combination of Notes 6.0.2 CF2 and Notes 7 beta clients.

IBM has one of the largest internal deployments of Lotus Notes and Domino in the world and is viewed as a “best practice” implementation for external customers. In order to stay current with new releases of Domino, it is necessary to perform an internal evaluation of Domino 7 beta prior to product ship. The goals of IBM’s early deployment efforts are as follows:

  1. Upgrade 50K mail users to Domino 7, on production mail servers, prior to Domino 7 GA
  2. Evaluate stability/reliability of Domino 7
  3. Understand the impact of a Domino 7 upgrade (prerequisites, upgrade process etc.)
  4. Evaluate new features and capabilities with the goal of leveraging new features to reduce the total cost of ownership
  5. Provide feedback to Lotus on problems found during testing so they can be corrected prior to GA
  6. Showcase IBM products by being an early adopter of Domino 7 beta code and deploy production code soon after GA. If IBM isn’t running the new software internally, why should external customers buy it?

Stay tuned for more details. Notes and Domino 7 public beta 4 (the last scheduled beta befor GA) is due out next month!

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