As mentioned earlier on this blog, I received a Panasonic blu-ray player for Christmas with support for Amazon Video on Demand. I’m a big fan of Netflix but a big limitation of this player is that it only allows you to play what’s in your Netflix instant queue (you can’t browse the catalog). I received a coupon from Amazon on Demand for $5 earlier this year and I decided to use it to watch “Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps.” I was impressed. The movie was HD quality and I didn’t experience any playback issues. Once I started watching the movie, I had 24 hours to watch it.

I have two choices for $5 movies including Directv and AppleTV. However, what I like about Amazon are the specials. I the last three days, I have picked up Twilight: Eclipse, The Town and Inception rentals for $1 each. This is a great deal in my opinion and saves me from going to RedBox at the local grocery store ($1 DVDs). I also have 30 days to watch the movies once I buy them so I don’t have to worry about watching them right away.

Netflix is still a great service and I love the documentaries in particular. However, I wish they had a better selection of new movies. $7.99 for streaming only is a pretty good deal but it could be better. I’m still waiting for AppleTV to add applications (and more choices). As a longtime (and happy) Redbox customers, I’m also encouraged that they’re investigating a new online service. Competition is a great thing for consumers.
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