Lotusphere 2011 kicked off this morning with the opening session.  While waiting for the conference to begin, the large video monitors displayed a number of interesting fact relative to IBM Lotus solutions.  Several focused on IBM’s internal transformation including this one:


  • Alistair Rennie, General Manager, Lotus kicked things off
  • Chevy Volt on display at the Swan hotel courtesy of General Motors 
  • Group Business Software (GBS) college attendees recognized
  • Kevin Spacey was the special guest speaker and spoke about his humble beginnings in theater to his success as a movie star, producer and his return to the theater.   Jack Lemon was Kevin’s mentor and used to say “Send the elevator back down” in reference to helping to foster talent through mentoring.  “While a positive attitude can’t solve all out problems, it just might piss off enough cynical people to make the effort worthwhile.”
  • Alistair returned to the stage and announced that this might be the most important Lotusphere ever with respect to social business transformation
  • Key metric: your success.  “The rest takes care of itself”
  • Customer success stories: BASF, CSC, KBC, AT&T, AFL, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Royal Bank of Canada, Cemex, State Street
  • Twitter gets 300,000 new users each day
  • Social model is taking hold because it has the ability to solve business problems
  • Mobilize for speed
  • Complete game changer.  Shifts of this magnitude are rare in history
  • Mainframe – Departmental – PCs – Internet – Social
  • Historically, the potential for game changers is usually under-estimated (e.g. 640K is enough memory for anyone)
  • McKinsey: enterprises that are social are leaders in the marketplace
  • Jim Basillie, the co-CEO of RIM, took the stage and demoed the new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.  The emphasis was on speed with the dual core processor and that you don’t need separate apps for the web – open tooling and web standards matter in mobility.  Professional grade and consumer friendly.  BlackBerry bridge creates secure Bluetooth connection between the smartphone and the tablet
  • Jeff Shick, IBM vice president of social software, took the stage and introduced a number of customers which talked about their experiences with using IBM solutions to deliver business results
  • Sandy Carter, IBM vice president Websphere and SOA took the stage to talk about virtual business.  Her blog can be found at http://SocialMediaSandy.wordpress.com/ and she’s @Sandy_Carter on Twitter
  • Larry Bowden, IBM vice president of portals and web experience takes the stage and introduces a number of customers (AFL, Blue Cross Blue Shield and RBC) who share their experiences
  • Doug Cox, IBM vice president of development takes the stage and discusses Project Vulcan and the “next” products.  Demo time!  Demo of Lotus Notes, Connections, LotusLive.  Embedded experience.  Real-time analytics.  Shared calendars.
  • Mobile demo from IBM’s Ron Sebastian.  Activity Stream (Connections).  Domino xPages support on mobile devices.  Plantronics Pro Headset demo with proximity sensor (I have one of these headsets – I love it)
  • Doug takes the stage again and introduces the “sharebox”
  • Kevin Cavanaugh takes the stages and announces upcoming mobile support for the Nokia E7
  • Laurence Guihard-Joly  VP, Enterprise Services – Global – at IBM Global Technology Services takes the stage and discusses LotusLive and offers 30 day of free hosting to the first 500 customers
  • Suzanne @MinassianIBM Senior Product Manager for Lotus Connections on stage demoing web-based editors (e.g. Project Concord).  Sharing rich media, social analytics.  Directory quick type ahead.
  • Doug takes the stage once again to discuss Cognos and integration with Rational Team Concert.  New version of Lotus Connections: 2Q2011.    Connections “Next” is the release after that.  LotusLive Symphony (Concord) available for trials on the web this week and GA second half of 2011
  • Suzanne takes the stage again and shows subcommunities.  Suzanne showed the new web based video conferencing – no client download.  
  • Kevin takes the stage again and discusses audio, video and web meetings  
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