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Mobile technology I’m testing

I’m testing a number of mobile technology solutions with a particular emphasis on the enterprise.  Specifically:

  • Windows Phone 7: Office hub, OneNote, Sharepoint
  • Go2MyPC for iPad
  • Tangoe MDM for Apple iOS and Android
  • Delivering presentations on Apple iOS to external customers (displaying on an external monitor)
  • Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player for Android
  • Motorola Atrix
  • AT&T Microcell
  • Lotus Sametime Unified Telephony (SUT) and integration with mobile devices
  • Preparation for BlackBerry World Conference from May 3-5 in Orlando, FL
  • BlackBerry Playbook tablet testing when it ships on April 19

I’ll be updating this blog later this week with an update.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Hi Chris,

    I am very curious about your SUT integration with mobile devices testing. I am also a SUT user and very interested in the integration with mobile phone. Will there be a pilot and available via TAP ? Please advise.


  2. Steven – Sametime Unified Telephony is being rolled out into production inside IBM. I have SUT configured to ring my mobile phones when I am not in the office. However, I haven't tested all of the features, including transferring calls on my office phone to my mobile when I need to leave the office. I plan blog on my experience once I've had a chance to use these features

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