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BYOD in primary education

My kids started school today and one of the many forms that they brought home today was a “Bring Your Own Device Student Agreement” that needed to be signed and returned.  “BYOD” as it is abbreviated, it a growing trend not only in schools and universities but enterprises as well.   The fact is that more and more consumers own smartphone, tablets and PCs and desire to use them for schoolwork or business.  Gone are the days when schools and businesses provide all the technology.

A BYOD policy is critical as it lays out acceptable use policy and the consequences of non-compliance.   In the case of my son’s school, there are rules around use of the internet, viruses, personal information, printing and even power outlets (students are asked to charge their devices at home).

In my role as global mobile offering manager for IBM, I speak with clients daily and assist them with developing BYOD policies and implementing successful programs through the use of technology such as Mobile Device Management (MDM).   More information on the mobile enterprise can be found on

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  1. Interesting, Chris. Our school system has not yet adopted a formal BYOD policy, but has in place policies related to specific devices (e.g., no phones/texting allowed in the class, the school is not responsible for lost/stolen property). I have heard of some schools in Michigan that are purchasing Kindles/tablets for kids vs. hard copy text books. That hasn't hit us yet. Good that your school district is proactive with it's policy re: BYOD.

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