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My upgrade to iPhone 5

Last month, I reviewed my wife’s new iPhone 5 (white, 16GB) and gave it a thumbs up.  At the time, the iPhone 5 wasn’t available through IBM’s corporate liable program so I wasn’t able to upgrade immediately.   However, I upgraded from an iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5 (black, 16GB) last week and I’m very happy with the decision.  While not a revolutionary upgrade, there are a number of key enhancements:

  • Faster processor and 4G support.  My iPhone 4 slowed down considerably in the last 6 months.  For example, it took over 90 seconds to turn on and more than 5 seconds to take a photo.   In addition, switching between apps was sluggish.  The new iPhone 5 is much faster.  While 4G isn’t available where I live, I travel frequently and I’m looking forward of taking advantage of the improved speed.
  • Lighter weight and thinner design.  The iPhone 5 is considerably lighter than the 4/4S as it replaces the glass back with aluminum.  The phone is also thinner based in part to a redesugned screen
  • Improved camera
  • The larger screen is a plus but not a deal-breaker for me.  I appreciate the fact that the iPhone can be held and operated in one hand and fits easily in any pocket.   I’m not a fan of smartphones with giant displays
  • I’m a fan of the smaller Lightning connector.  It’s even smaller than a micro USB connector.  I’m looking forward to less expensive third-party cables coming on the market in the coming weeks so I have a few spares. 
  • After 18 months of heavy use, my battery life had degraded to just a few hours.  My new iPhone 5 can make it through the day with location services and bluetooth turned off.  

My carrier is AT&T since Verizon coverage is poor in my area.   I also appreciate AT&T’s simultaneous voice and data.  I use the wireless hotspot capability extensively in order to provide broadband connectivity to my PC and tablets while traveling.

Key business applications that I use to do my job include Lotus Traveler (email, contacts, calendar), IBM Connections (social business), IBM Sametime (instant messaging and web conferences) and IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices (Mobile Device Management and enterprise app store).  All applications are available from the Apple app store and take just a few minutes to install and configure.   However, if you prefer Google Android, these applications are also available from the Google Play Store.

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