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Apple iPad Mini impressions – thumbs up!

Santa brought my son a new iPad mini (16GB, wi-fi)  for Christmas this year and I have to say, I’m a big fan.  While I had used one in the past for short periods, having one in the house use over an extended period has made me realize what a great tablet the iPad Mini is.  Here’s why:


  • Extremely thin and light.  iPad seems heavy and bulky in comparison
  • Runs tablet apps (same resolution as iPad 2)
  • Comes in both wi-fi and 3G versions


  • High cost: $329 (16GB wi-fi).  Arguably, none of Apple’s products are value priced.  However, you get what you pay for with Apple’s outstanding build quality
  • While the screen is nice (1024 x 768) and only slightly less than other tablets, it pales in comparison to a Retina display (I own an iPad 3).  I’d like to see an iPad mini with a Retina display.  

I’ll likely hold off on purchasing one until a new model is released.   Rumors point to a March or June refresh from Apple.

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  1. Apple iPad mini is amazing, love the quality of this tablet, really awesome tablet to buy.

  2. Anonymous

    I finally got my hands on the ipad mini after waiting for the price to go down. It was definitely worth the wait in terms of saving money. The initial cost is pretty ridiculous compared to other tablets like the Dell Venue 8 which is $130 less.

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