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Google Nexus 7 tablet impressions – thumbs up!

I’ve been using a Google Nexus 7 tablet, manufactured by Asus,  for the last month and I’m impressed.  While I still prefer the iPad (and the new iPad mini), the Nexus 7 arguably delivers the best Android tablet experience at a fantastic price.


  • Great screen (1280×800)
  • Low price.  I got a 32GB version for just over $200 on sale
  • Native Android experience from Goggle
  • Easy upgrade to JellyBean 4.2 (one of the few devices out there able to run 4.2)
  • Nice build quality – the back of the tablet in particular is nicely surfaced


  • No video output
  • No rear facing camera for pictures, only a front facing camera for video conferencing
  • No SD card slot
  • Cheap charger
  • Performance lags (processor? Android?)
  • More tablet-specific apps are needed to take advantage of the larger screen (vs. smartphone screen)
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  1. I hadn't even looked at the charger, I just started using a USB charger that's already on my desk. I wonder if they take the same approach as Apple and assume that people already have chargers so there's no need to put an expensive one in the box and it keeps the unit cost down.

    As for performance lag… I haven't noticed that. Have you installed some dodgy app that sucking the CPU in the background? 😉

  2. Thanks Darren. The performance lag is relatively minor. I notice it more when switching between apps. The overall performance is snappy

  3. thanks for sharing..徵信.

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