Mobile means many different things to people.  To some, mobile is smartphones and tablets, to others mobile is BYOD, still others define mobile as working from home.   IBM defines mobile as:

Mobile is business in motion with anyone, anywhere, anytime

Key points:

  • Mobile, cloud, information and social are four complimentary technologies that are creating new opportunities for businesses.  Gartner refers to these as the Nexus of Forces.
  • Mobile is about transacting business and driving revenue
  • Insight from mobile usage is driving new business opportunities
  • Mobile enables the “Internet of Things.”  Cisco predicts more than 50 billion connected devices by 2020.  Note: the population of the world is 7 billion
  • Mobile is primary and driving enterprises to adopt “MobileFirst” strategies

Harvard Business Review published what I think is a great whitepaper titled “How Mobility is Changing the World.”  What’s your definition of mobile?

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