Late last year, IBM published the Tech Trends report which is based on a survey of more than 1,200 IT and business decision makers who are determining when, where and how their organizations adopt mobile, analytics, cloud and social technologies.

With a new online tool, you can now see the Tech Trends study findings from an industry perspective. Within each technology area (Mobile, Social, Cloud, Analytics), you can interactively investigate adoption rates, investment levels (over the next two years) and skill shortages by industry to see how your industry compares

I’ve embedded the tool below so you can try for yourself.  In this example, we can see mobile adoption levels across industries.   You can click on the phase (no plans, 24 months, pilot and deployment) to sort by industry.    In interesting finding from the study is that the education industry is leading deployment.  Explore the tool and see how your industry stacks up!

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