The IBM Institute for Business Value has published a new report titled “Creating a smarter enterprise: the science of transformation.”   In today’s rapidly changing and increasing interconnected world, enterprises need to constantly evolve and transform their business to remain competitive.   But change is easier said that done.  IBM breaks it down into three steps:

  1. Creating value services as a platform for global integration
  2. Building an enterprise-wide transformation leadership, governance and change management model
  3. Optimizing the entire system, migrating from a globally integrated to a smarter enterprise; with social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies.
The report also discusses how IBM has taken these three recommendations to heart and transformed the company into a smarter enterprise.   The graphic below is taken from the report and illustrates how IBM has adopted social, mobile, cloud and analytics to improve the bottom line. 

I’ve included some links to additional collateral below on how IBM has adopted mobile technologies, including BYOD to improve employee productivity and efficiency.



IBM embraces mobile technologies for business computing 

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