Much of the focus in the press is around Apple’s rumored upcoming devices including the iPhone 6, “iWatch” and “iPad Pro.”  However, over the last two weeks Apple made three significant announcements that had nothing to do with devices including:

  1. iOS 7.1
  2. Device Enrollment Program
  3. New IT website

iOS 7.1
Apple released iOS 7.1 which is a minor release for iPhones, iPads and AppleTV (version 6.1).  The release contains bug fixes, new features and enhancements to the user interface. One of the key new features is Apple CarPlay which replaces iOS in the car and integrates iOS with in car telematics built on BlackBerry QNX.  New vehicles are expected to ship with CarPlay support later this year.  The following video from Volvo provides an overview of the capabilities and user interface.

Device Enrollment Program
The new Apple Device Enrollment Program enrolls corporate-owned iOS devices in mobile device management during over the air device activation.  Prior to this feature, it was necessary to configure devices with MDM manually.   MDM vendors like IBM Fiberlink MaaS360 now support this capability and is demonstrated in the video below.  Device activation can be found 34 minutes into the video:

Apple “New IT” website
Apple updated their iPad in Business website and rebranded it as “New IT.”  The website is organized into the following sections: deploy at scale, protect corporate data, manage devices and buy and distribute applications.  With the relaunch of the website, there is much more content on the new website that enterprises can leverage including a new security whitepaper.   Apple is clearly listening and responding to the needs of the enterprise with the relaunch on this website.

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