On May 19, Divide announced that they were being acquired by Google. Given the integration of Divide with IBM Endpoint Manager, I’m very familiar with the solution and used it on multiple smartphones and tablets to access IBM work data.  Divide is a mobile container solution and the Divide Secure Workspace provides separation between personal and work data. One of things I liked most about Divide was that my mobile device no longer required a device password.  I was only prompted to enter a password when I accessed work data.

The fact that Google is acquiring Divide is interesting since we’ve been down this path before. Google previously acquired 3LM which provided enterprise grade security for use in regulated industries.  However, Google never integrated the 3LM capabilities into Android. Google subsequently sold 3LM to Boxtone which is now owned by Good Technologies. With the Divide acquisition, Google appears poised to compete with Samsung KNOX for enterprise-grade Android solutions.

Meanwhile, Apple has quietly been adding more enterprise capabilities in iOS – most recently with iOS 7. With Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) coming up next week in San Francisco and Google IO a few weeks later, I expect we’ll hear more about expanded enterprise support.  

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