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National Engineers Week 2014

I participated in National Engineer’s week at my home town middle school with my IBM colleagues. IBM is a sponsor of the yearly event which is designed to increase awareness of math and science and foster teamwork and creative thinking.    This was my fifth year participating in the event.  However, due to schedule conflicts, I wasn’t able to participate since 2011 and I was looking forward to this year’s event.

Our seven member IBM team taught nine 7th and 8th grade science classes.  We each discussed our IBM engineering career, the different types of engineers, and how students can prepare for a career in engineering.  The students were engaged and asked questions about mobile, cloud, Watson and more.  Each class also participated in a group activity in which they became an “engineer for a day” where they had to work together as team, with limited time and limited materials to design either a show or a tower.
As always, it was a very positive experience and I’m looking forward next year as my oldest son Matthew is eager to participate. 
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