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Apple expands iOS 8 Enterprise Support at WWDC

Earlier today, Apple kicked off their annual World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco.   During the keynote session, Apple CEO Tim Cook and team provided details on the upcoming version of OS/X and iOS.

Of particular interest to me are the new enterprise features in iOS 8.   Last year, Apple introduced a wealth of enterprise features in iOS 7 and iOS 8, due out this fall, didn’t disappoint.   With over 4,000 new API’s, iOS 8 is poised to be one of the largest upgrades yet.

Apple said that  98 percent of the Fortune 500 companies use iOS and they want to raise this to 100 percent by adding new features and functions specific to the enterprise.

Apple spoke about the existing Device Enrollment Program which was released back March and covered here on my blog.  Apple went on to talk about brand-new iOS 8 enterprise features covering three broad areas including security, productivity and management:

  • Expanded data protection
  • Per message S/MIME
  • VIP thread
  • Automatic reply (e.g. out of the office)
  • Calendar free/busytime search
  • iCloud Drive.  Includes the ability to access files from both iOS and OS/X without creating duplicates by copying to multiple iOS applications (containers).  In addition, Apple is including storage provider extensions in iOS 8 for any app to connect to storage providers (e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive etc.)
  • Manage books and PDFs (e.g. education use case)

I was also happy to see that there is a new API for Touch ID that will allow it to be integrated with applications for authentication beyond simply unlocking the device and making iTunes purchases.  Finally, a new programming language, Swift, compliments Objective-C and should make it even easier for application developers.

I’m eagerly looking forward to iOS8 this fall.

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  1. Great summary Chris, especially from a enterprise prospective.

  2. Thanks! Beta 4 is available now. Look for another beta before the release in September

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