The annual IBM Business Tech Trends Report is now available.  To understand how organizations are using big data and analytics, cloud, mobile, and social technologies, the IBM Center for Applied Insights conducted a survey of  1,447 decision makers.  Fifty-two percent work in organizations of 1,000 or more employees and 48 percent are from companies with fewer employees.

The study identified three common characteristics of successful enterprises:

  1. Partnering is in their DNA. While 40 percent of companies still have moderate to major skills gaps, Pacesetters are busy plugging their skills gaps by partnering with external developers. However, they’re not just using tried-and-true professional developers – nearly 80 percent of Pacesetters are also turning to citizen developers to leverage data and APIs to develop crowdsourced solutions.
  2. Analytics is their fuel.  The hallmark of an analytically fueled organization is having a culture that’s inclined to act on analytical results and insights. And nearly 70 percent of Pacesetters say analytics are integral to how their organizations make decisions. 
  3. Leaders are combining mobile, social, cloud and analytics technologies to break away from the pack.  While each of these technologies are transformative on their own, the total is greater than the sum of its parts and leading enterprises are adopting all four.

The full report is available for free as as downloadable PDF.   In addition to the report, there are videos, interactive dashboard, infographics and other materials available.   Finally, you can follow the discussion online via #IBMBTT on Twitter

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