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How to enable and use AppleTV peer-to-peer AirPlay discovery and playback

One of the great new features of Apple iOS 8 is the ability to wirelessly connect iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to Apple TV without first connecting to a wi-fi network. Previously, it was necessary to connect both your AppleTV and your iPhone/iPad to the same wi-fi network. Here are a few examples of where this feature is useful:


  • A sales rep brings their AppleTV with them to a client site and connects it to the client’s projector. The sales rep delivers a presentation wirelessly from their iPad 
  • Enterprises equip their conference rooms with AppleTVs. Employees, clients and contractors can display their iOS screens wirelessly without connecting to a wi-fi network 


  • Latest model of Apple TV (REV/A) running the latest 7.x firmware. The model number A1469 is printed in very small type on the bottom of the AppleTV. Note that there are three versions of the black “hockey puck” Apple TV and only the latest model has this capability 
  • iPhone or iPad running iOS 8.x with wifi and Bluetooth enabled 

How to:

  • Tap on AirPlay on your iPhone or iPad, select your AppleTV. Your mobile device will be mirrored to the display. I’ve created a video below that shows the feature in action

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  1. Just wondering if peer to peer Airplay could be used to connect an ipad to an apple TV that is then connected to a car video/aux input to show movies (itunes files, not streaming).

    I am thinking HDMI to component out of apple TV into car entertainment component input. our car (acadia) has a 110 standard outlet built in that I could power the apple tv.


  2. I'm using an AppleTV in my minivan for this purpose. I created this video to show how

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