One of the key features in iOS 9 beta is enhanced multitasking for iPad which has three key capabilities:

  • Slide Over: temporarily display and use a second mobile application while still displaying the first
  • Split View (iPad Air 2 only): run two mobile applications side-by-side
  • Picture in Picture: play a video is a resizable window
In the screenshot above, I’m running three applications at the same time using Split View and Picture in Picture with seamless performance.  The three apps are:
  1. Safari – website (left)
  2. iOS mail (right)
  3. Video in a floating windows – “Gravity” staring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney

Today, multitasking applications are limited to Apple apps (e.g. Mail, Messages, Video, Calendar, Maps, Reminders, iBooks, News, Notes, Find Friends, Find iPhone, FaceTime, Clock, Contacts, Game Center, Photos, Podcasts, Tips) but third party applications support is coming in the future. 

While Samsung Android tablets have had similar multitasking capabilities for some time, the additions to iOS 9 should benefit both consumers and business users looking to maximize their iPad experience.
iOS 9 is currently in public beta and is expected to ship later this fall with the rumored iPhone 6S

Update 16 September – iOS 9 is now shipping and third party applications can be enabled for split-screen multitasking

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