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My Apple HomeKit wish list

As an Apple technology enthusiast, I’m particularly interested in Apple HomeKit which promises to “use your iOS device to control any of the accessories that you have in your home, like lights, locks, thermostats, smart plugs, and more.”  I have an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch as well as an Apple TV.  Here’s my initial short list of home automation tasks:

  1. Garage door. Open, close and check on the status of my garage doors (did I leave one open?) from my Apple Watch and iPhone – both on premise and when away from my house (via Apple TV) using both Siri and touch.   Chamberlain “MyQ” comes closest to this need but lacks HomeKit and Apple Watch support for its mobile app.  Since Chamberlain is an Apple partner, I’m hoping these features will be added.   Amazon sells the MyQ for $100
  2. Lighting. Control lights from my Apple Watch and iPhone both on premise and when away from my house (via Apple TV) using both Siri and touch.  GE recently announced “plans to engineer a color-changing LED compatible with Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem. Embedded with GE Align™ technology, GE’s HomeKit-enabled LED bulb takes smart home technology a step further, giving consumers the ability to automate lighting according to the body’s natural sleep circadian rhythm.”   The bulbs are expected to ship later in 2015.
  3. Home thermostat.  I currently have a basic, programable thermostat and I’m interested in purchasing one that offers the ability to “learn” and better control including HomeKit support.

That’s my short for Apple HomeKit home automation.  I’d be interested in your thoughts and impressions.

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  1. Those are pretty much table stakes – lights and heat. I do like the Nest that learns rather than have me constantly adjusting.
    I don't have a garage but it would be nice to know about parking on my street 🙂 – which that has more to do with the city.

    My list would include:
    set/disable/change the house alarm (when I'm home or not)
    manage oven and stove – I'd like to pre-heat the oven when i'm 15 minutes from home or turn off the oven or stove when I go on a run (this is likely just me)
    I'd like the house to tell me if there are leaks – loss of heat, leaking pipes, something wasting energy, roof or other ways water is getting in during a storm.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts HeathWulf. The status of the alarm and any leaks (heat, water, gas, etc) are worthy upgrades

  3. WCT

    Ecobee's Homekit-enabled version of their smart thermostat went on sale this morning. Lot's of articles, eg:

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