At this time tomorrow, Apple is hosting an event where they are expected to launch the new iPhone “6S.”  The event can be watched live, online at Apple’s website or on Apple TV.   While we don’t know exactly what will be announced, the following are the most popular rumors and my take:

  • iOS 9 and Apple Watch 2.0.  I’ve been using the iOS 9 beta on my iPad and I love the new and improved multitasking feature which allows two apps to run side by side and even watch a video in a third window. As an Apple Watch user, I’m looking forward to the new native apps capabilities that should make apps more responsive. I’m also looking forward to more watch faces.  Read my review of the Apple Watch
  • New iPhone 6S with a faster processor, ForceTouch screen (like the Apple Watch), improved camera. Since I bought an iPhone 6 last year, I’ll probably skip the 6S and upgrade to the 7 instead.
  • iPad Pro.  Lots of rumors and it appears likely that they will continue without an announcement from Apple 
  • New AppleTV with Siri integration and a new remote control and app store.  I’m a huge fan of the AppleTV and I’ve owned every model since its release.  I will definitely be upgrading.
  • Apple HomeKit.  Available since last year, partners have been slow to embrace the platform.  I’m eager to start adopting the technology in my home.  My thoughts in an earlier blog post.

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