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Google IO 2016 and Android N

Google hosted its annual developer conference, Google IO last week.  Key announcements included:

  • Android N 7.0: successor to Marshmallow
  • Google Assistant: replaces Google Now
  • Google Home: smart speaker system (similar to the Amazon Echo)
  • Allo: messaging (similar to Apple iMessage)
  • Duo: video chat (similar Apple FaceTime)
  • Daydream: virtual reality (similar Oculus Rift)
  • Android instant apps: use apps without downloading them
  • Android Wear 2.0: connect to wi-fi, support for iOS

I upgraded my Nexus 5X to Android N beta over the air and it was the easiest Android upgrade so far.  I registered for the beta on my Mac/PC and within moments, I received a notification on my Nexus 5X to upgrade with one tap.  I’ve been impressed with how stable the beta is and the number of new features including improved notifications and split screen multitasking.  I’m looking forward to trying the new instant apps that launch immediately without downloading.  A good list of the new Android N features can be found on Android Central.

Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC, kicks off on June 13 in San Francisco.  I’m looking forward to Apple’s announcements.

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  1. A little catchup going on there.. but still some nice features. However my biggest issue now is with android updates , in particular via OEMS (which is by far the majority of the market)

    Take apple. shortly after their conference most devices will get a beta developer option, and a few months later everyone will have it.
    With android. Who knows. maybe the current flagships and little else

    My current samsung tablet for example got android 5 about 13 months after google released. No sign of marshmallow, and I needn't even ask about android n. The device is less than 2 years old

    Google is so immensely broken it's beyond belief. I like the base but until this is addressed I can't even contemplate android (yes I know the nexus is a minor exception). Microsoft are far better with Windows too….

    #android #fail IMO

  2. Well that's the price you pay with Android for the openness and carrier customizations; you're at their mercy no matter what Google does.

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