My employer, IBM, provided me a free iHealth Vista HS5 digital scale as part of my company-sponsored health insurance plan. In 2016, IBM provided a free Apple Watch as part of the Apple Watch for Corporate Wellness Program. I’m thrilled with IBM’s efforts to promote healthier, happier employees through the use of technology. I had the choice of selecting the iHealth digital scale, a glucose monitor and blood pressure cuff among other options. I selected the scale. 

The iHealth Vista digital scale setup was very easy. Insert the batteries, install the iHealth mobile app on my iPhone, connect the scale to my home wi-fi network, authorize the Apple Health app and that was it. Stepping on the scale displayed my weight and body fat using four metal sensors. This information and the other measurements below were immediately sent to my iPhone.

  1. Weight
  2. Body fat
  3. Lean body mass
  4. Muscle mass
  5. Bone mass
  6. Body water
  7. Body Mass Index (BMI)
  8. Visceral fat

Previously, I had been measuring my weight regularly on a top-rated Taylor bathroom scale and writing down the results in my journal. The wi-fi scale simplifies this process and also captures additional data. I’ve found that weighing myself regularly helps me to manage my weight and track progress. 


  • Easy, fast setup and easy to use
  • Sends data to Apple Health app as well as the iHealth app
  • The price was right – FREE. Fully funded by my IBM health insurance plan.


  • Apple Heath app is only available for iPhone (no iPad, Mac)
  • Only the iHealth app (not Apple Health) shows historical data and trends over time

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