The new Amazon Dash Wand puts Alexa in the palm of your hand complete with a barcode scanner to add items to your shopping cart. It runs off two AAA batteries and it took all of one minute to setup and configure by connecting to my home wi-fi network. The Dash Wand has a magnet built in to stick to your refrigerator so it’s always handy.

Questions you can ask:
  • What’s the score of the Red Sox game?
  • Buy sushi rice
  • What’s the best pizza nearby?
  • Where’s my stuff?
  • Will it rain tomorrow?
  • How many cups in a pint?
Questions you can’t ask:
  • Play Amazon Music (not supported by the Amazon Wand)
The cost is $20 for Prime members but a $20 credit is added to your Amazon account after activation – making the device free. Amazon Fresh same or next day grocery delivery is also included free for 90 days but unfortunately it’s not available in my area.  
Thumbs up!
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