Jackbox Games including Fibbage, Quiplash and others have breathed new life into my AppleTV series 4 with a series of great party games. The latest model of AppleTV is the only one that has an app store, just like iPhone and iPad that allows you to install apps and games. Don’t have an AppleTV series 4? Jackbox games are also available for PC, Xbox, Playstation and even Amazon Alexa (Lie Swatter)

Once you purchase the game on your AppleTV, participants login to http://jackbox.tv on their smartphone or tablet to enter their responses which are shown on the TV screen.

Some of our favorite games:

  • FibbageXL – fib until you win trivia game (e.g. the mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky is a ________.)
  • Quiplash – come up with the funniest response (e.g. something you’d be surprised to see a donkey do)
  • Drawful – similar to Pictionary, a great hit with the kids
  • Murder Party – trivia game with a murder party twist
  • Guesspionage – guess the percentage of respondents (e.g. what percentage of people have email from ex-lovers that they would never delete)


  • Lots of fun as a group (up to 8 players)
  • Use the browser on smartphone or tablet to record your responses on AppleTV (no app to install)


  • Requires AppleTV generation 4
  • Individual games can get expensive but the party packs save you money. Party Pack 3 is the latest release. Party Pack 4 is scheduled for fall 2017.

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