The Apple HomePod is delayed until early 2018 and will be more expensive and have fewer features than Amazon Echo, Google Home and Sonos One. I don’t care and I will buy one anyway. Our family is a heavy user of Apple Music, we have thousands of uploaded songs (iTunes Match) and dozens of playlists. Current speakers aren’t great for our family, here’s why:

  • Bluetooth speakers. Portability is great but it’s far too difficult to connect/disconnect multiple devices to play music. In addition, most don’t have great sound quality. Apple’s wireless W1 is great but alas they haven’t added the chip to a speaker yet – just Beats headphones and the excellent AirPods which I own
  • Sonos Play:1. This is the solution I use and it works well. Our family installs the Sonos app on our iPhones/iPad and we can control the Apple Music. However, I’d like to have voice control for Apple Music and improved sound quality as well smart assistant/home automation capabilities. 
The new Apple HomePod looks like it will be a good fit for my needs but only time will tell

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