I purchased the Ambient Weather Station WS-2902A for $169 on Amazon and rate it a thumbs up based on price, features and ease of use. The WS-2902A replaces my previous WS-1400-IP which had served me well over the last 4+ years but the rain gauge failed.

I really like the color display of the WS-2902A. My previous WS-1400-IP didn’t have a display so I needed to use a phone, tablet or computer to keep tabs on the weather.  I also like the redesigned sensor unit and the ability to clean the rain gauge without completely disassembling the sensor unit.  Another nice feature of the WS-2902A is that it consolidates the number of devices in the home to one. The WS-1400-IP had a server that required an Ethernet cable (the WS-2902A is wireless) and the WS-1400-IP had a separate indoor temperature and humidity sensor. The WS-2902A has everything built into the display unit.


  • Price
  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Integration with Weather Underground
  • Wireless and solar
  • Color display


  • Setup via a mobile app is more difficult than it needs to be
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