I purchased an iPhone XS Max (256GB, Gold) from Verizon and I highly recommend it.  I upgraded from the iPhone 7 Plus which I was a big fan of. The iPhone XS Max is better in every way and easily the best phone I’ve ever owned – albeit at a high price tag.

I also  considered the XR to save money ($1249 vs $899 – 40%)  but there were features of the XS Max that won me over including a larger, 1080p+ OLED screen, Gigabit LTE, 3D Touch,  7.7% thinner than the XR. In addition, since I only get a new phone every two years, I decided to splurge.



  • Premium materials (e.g. stainless steel) and construction
  • Beautiful OLED screen; better than 1080p
  • Gigabit LTE
  • Excellent cameras including a dual lens rear-facing camera with 2x optical zoom
  • Speedy performance, fast Face ID
  • Size of the phone is perfect and 15% narrower (but seems like more) than the iPhone 7 Plus I had previously making it easier to use with one hand.



  • 64GB base storage is unacceptable for a $1099 phone. No 128GB option like XR.
  • 5W charger included in the box is unacceptable for a $1099 phone that supports fast charging. A fast charging plug should be included.
  • 3% heavier than my iPhone 7 Plus (but seems like more)


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