My 2019 technology wish list:

  • Apple: Add new iCloud storage plans. The 200MB family plan isn’t enough and the 2TB plan is too much.
  • Apple: Make it easier to share photos with family members. Today, I need to create a shared album so family members can add their photos.
  • Apple: Enable photos in a shared photo album to be sorted by date. Today, photos display in the order that they were added.
  • Apple: add a visual indicator for which account 9 (iCloud, Google, etc) a particular contact is associated with.
  • Apple: Make iCloud Drive disk and directory configurable on Windows. Today, the iCloud installs on the default Windows directory (e.g. C drive) which on my home PC is a small SSD drive with limited space. I’d prefer to change to another drive (e.g. D). OneDrive and other solutions provide this option. Note: the Windows symbolic link feature didn’t work for me and resulted in duplicate files.
  • Apple: Introduce a new mobile VPN service integrated into iOS. I’m a big fan of VPNs (I use VPN Unlimited) but this these are too technical for most users. This aligns with Apple’s focus on privacy. If you are yet to decide which vpn is going to be best for your needs then don’t panic as there is plenty of help online that can dissect through the many options out there for you. It might be a good starting point to look at the best vpn in canada.
  • Apple: Enable Mac backups to iCloud.
  • Apple: launch a new wifi mesh router with WiFi 6 support.
  • Apple: launch a less expensive HomePod.
  • Apple: Release home automation hardware.
  • Apple: Offer a less expensive annual Apple Music family annual subscription. Today, the service is billed month to month.
  • Apple: Offer discounts when two or more subscriptions are purchased together (e.g. Apple Music and iCloud)
  • Facebook: While I’m a Facebook user, I’d prefer to have a viable competitor
  • Automobile: I’m in the market for a new car in 2019. I’m looking for a hybrid or electric all-wheel drive vehicle with excellent safety features and technology including Apple Carplay. I’ll be looking at the 2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid when it arrives in the spring.
  • Pass privacy legislation in the United States
  • Offer fast 5G service as an alternative to high speed cable for home use.
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