Month: May 2019

Month: May 2019

Maintaining Data in This Technology Era
Image May 8, 2019 Technology chris

Managing information in today’s Information Technology environment is critical. A database allows an individual or group of users to maintain and access a multitude of information easily. Order is maintained through the use of these sometimes sophisticated tools. In this article we will identify and describe the use of databases in my organization.

Microsoft Access is generally the most commonly seen database application used in my organization. We frequently use this system to analyze data and to generate reports. Microsoft Access is possibly the most popular database program because basic users can efficiently solve a wide range of problems with it. From an Information Technology developer’s perspective, they can create very high end sophisticated multi-user solutions. Costs are another advantage considering that some other systems can run for thousands of dollars providing the same results. One very important benefit for end users is that Access is part of MS Office. This enables us to view, import and export data across the various software platforms. This proves to be an extremely powerful tool for my organization by effectively reducing lag in time management.

Web site creation using Microsoft Access seems to be one limitation. Its limited graphical user interface and security issues have been identified to also be a drawback. My unit generally hosts Microsoft SharePoint and then extends the Access database across it enabling us to share and edit information. Although not considered a database it is used extensively throughout the organization to bridge this gap. It is worth mentioning that this particular application platform developed by Microsoft has its own databases. Databases are created and configured automatically whenever a user establishes new content. An excellent web application to streamline and manage data.

Due to varying factors in different databases it is sometimes difficult to offer a one size fix all recommendation. One of the very first recommendations for improvement of any system is to run a performance analyzer. The entire database is scanned and usually automated recommendations are often suggested. As the organizations grows so does the data and users that are accessing the system. Performance can be significantly enhanced and network traffic reduced when a split database is utilized.

There are many database solutions used to support personal, workgroup, and enterprise computing within an organization. The design and management of these systems directly impact how well they perform or communicate.…

Image May 6, 2019 Technology chris

Oh technology.
Oh how from your stress I wish to be free.

Another complication within your program,
One more system error, another application jammed.

I threaten this laptop with water,
As its disc drive becomes hotter.

Technology stinks.
But it helps us communicate. *winks*…