Month: February 2020

Month: February 2020

Old World Notes Meets Modern Technology
Image February 4, 2020 Technology chris

Old Meets New and How to Cope

I struggle daily with reconciling old world things with the new world technology. I blog and I also write in a journal, I also tend to take a lot of notes at work. Blogs are digital, no options there. But for my work notes and for my personal journal should these be digital or on old fashion paper? I have done numerous web searches for this exact topic, but I have found little in the way of answers. Which is one of the reasons I am writing this. I may never find the answer I am needing, nor the answer that I am happy with. I more so want to find the best practice for me.

At work the ability to pull up a notebook and sketch, take notes, rip out pages to give instructions, and be more immediate in responses on a factory or lab floor are invaluable. For these uses I use my Moleskine notebook, whether it is a knock off version or an actual Moleskine. Granted at work it would be easy to make the switch to a digital note system, since work provides everyone with a computer, not to mention my iPad. I simply just don’t like the digital clutter that follows at work and with so much stuff happening at work. Going back to sling a thought into a note is that much harder to do on the spot with digital files spread around various programs and apps.

Personal notes and journals on the other hand are simpler to manage as digital or physical paper. If I stay with physical journals and notes I will continue to use Moleskines and keep the little black books around for years. The harder question will be if I choose to go to a digital system, which one do I use? There are many options for note programs and journaling software for both the Apple laptops and for the Apple iPad. File format being the most important, since I log all my backups and keep them around having them all accessible later is very useful. Future proofing in a sense is a great thing even if the retrieval and rebuilding of the data can be notoriously painful, yet not as painful as a total loss of data.

There are also, as you could guess, pros and cons to both styles of notes and journaling. Mainly the issue of electricity. I simply cannot go on a camping trip and easily drag my iPad along let alone a laptop. The quiet of nature surrounding me is a great catalyst for writing, I simply cannot tune in as easily during camping trips with a piece of technology as I can with paper and pen. I also have an issue with durability, since paper is proven and safe from electrical failure. Digital data is easily destroyed with power surges, accidental erasure or even a spilled beer in the wrong place can render anything digital into scrap. …