How GPS Technology Has Changed My Life

How GPS Technology Has Changed My Life
January 15, 2020 Comments Off on How GPS Technology Has Changed My Life Technology chris

Being from the generation that remembers when there was no internet, technology has changed my life immensely from back then. However, even in the past 10 years, dramatic changes have occurred. My first thought goes to my GPS installed on a smart phone. I remember even as late as 2004 still needing printed maps because the earliest navigation systems were quite expensive. Now having a GPS is probably more common than having a TV. The device, either installed in your car or hand-held is ubiquitous in our current American society. Businesses have been built upon this new technology which has increased my productivity immensely. These businesses have provided jobs for people that can use this type of technology effectively, which as also increased my livelihood.

Getting from point A to point B has never been easier. As a driver, it is important for me to provide outstanding customer service to those who are in need of transportation. Part of providing that experience depends upon my knowledge of the city but the other part is dependent upon my skill in using a GPS device. Customers sometimes insist on routes based on time instead of miles or vice versa. Without this technology I obviously would not be able to provide that type of service. Also it makes me safer, knowing where I am going at all times and being confident in my route makes me a more confident and safer driver providing a better experience for my clients.

I also need to use transportation services, and as a consumer I find that GPS technology has lowered my cost of this service and made it better ten fold. I can budget my costs of transportation more accurately and be more efficient from a timing stand point. Taxi services are no longer outlandishly expensive thanks to new competition in the industry. Some of this competition has based its business model upon GPS technology. The service that I get today is dramatically better compared to the service that was available ten years ago and I am paying much less as well.

I think it is safe to say that a technology has permeated a society completely when it’s difficult for people of all generations to think how we ever survived without that technology. Real change has happened for me and millions of others. GPS technology has improved the way all individuals travel and has made society more efficient.

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