How Modern Consumer Technology is Evolving

How Modern Consumer Technology is Evolving
August 16, 2019 Comments Off on How Modern Consumer Technology is Evolving Technology chris

In the middle of the 1990s, the newest trend in consumer electronics was the personal computer; though this was just barely 20 years ago, the computers of that age are now considered bulky, unsightly and beyond useless. Slowly, as time moves on, the latest fad in consumer electronics moves with it. In the late 90s, it was the graphical version of the Windows operating system, then the laptop personal computer. Then it was the first cellular phones, which in the early years of the new millennium became small enough to fit into your pocket, although they still lacked color screens. Then of course came the camera and smartphone and the mobile device revolution; suddenly the most popular luxury was to have access to the internet ‘anywhere’ via cellular data, be it on a mobile device or personal computer. And finally, as we roll up into the present, suddenly it seems like everybody is interested in making and owning tablet computers.

Of course, it makes sense that the technology world isn’t static. Moore’s law means that, for the time being, even the most advanced technology we have right now will be just as out dated in two years as current two-year-old technology is now. So it may make sense that different fads pass in and out of the consumer electronics market as new technologies are developed. When cell phones first were developed, they became popular because we were first able to make them, right? And isn’t the same true about tablets now; they are just beginning to become popular because the technology to make them is just being developed? Contrary to popular belief, neither of these statements is true.

What is considered the latest technology in terms of popularity is rarely the cutting edge or the most advanced technology available. On the contrary, the most recent example, tablet computers, are actually a step backwards technologically, although in the public eye they are usually considered new and trendy. This is important to keep in mind trying to keep track of what the real advancements in the computing world have been, and when trying to objectively assess how good a price is for a specific piece of hardware, despite what may be popular or unpopular at the time.

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