Parenting by IPad – Technology Tames Toddlers

Parenting by IPad – Technology Tames Toddlers
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The Many Ways I Use the IPad with My Twins

Parenting twin toddlers is an adventure. A simple trip to a restaurant for a family meal can turn into a show stopping, tantrum that leaves you running for your life for the car with your dinner boxed up. Toddlers need to be entertained at this young age. They are sponges and love to learn new things. They also take to the technology of an iPad far more quickly than most adults! It is quite amazing how content twin toddlers are when a cartoon is playing or they are engaged in a learning game. I’ve eaten out more often since we purchased our iPad and it has become one of my most coveted parenting tools.

The technology around iPad’s and tablets gives parents a tool to encourage, inspire, teach and entertain their children. We have been using the tablet for a great deal of learning. We have been teaching the kids a second language since they turned three. The iPad has a number of apps that we use to reinforce what we are teaching and help build vocabulary. We also use the tablets to learn how to write letters. We have found that holding a pencil poses some dexterity problems when writing letters. However, they are able to write nearly every letter when using their fingertip.

The technology of an iPad also allows us to entertain our toddlers in a variety of ways. Our iPad is always brought with us when we dine out, have to wait for a long time at a doctor’s office or even a trip in the car. We use this as a parenting tool and reward system when out. Good behavior will result in our toddlers being able to choose a movie. It is wonderful to use the internet and online video services that allow kids to pick a variety of programs. Dinner out has never been easier. I find that using the iPad to entertain has allowed us to enjoy meals out without tantrums, fussiness or boredom.

Finally, we use the iPad and Apple technology to communicate with loved ones who live far away to make sure we are allowing our children to connect to our family. An important part of parenting for us is making sure we keep our strong family bonds. This includes using the iPad and our iPhones when one of us must travel for business to make sure we tuck our kids in at night. Facetime and Skype are easily used with the iPad and smartphones. This technology allows us to always have access to our kids and can always feel close to home.

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