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Tag: Modern Technology

Efficient Technological Advancement To Look For While Buying Home Appliances
Image April 9, 2020 Technology chris

When we talk about comfortability and getting maximum of it, then the home appliances come into the picture. Just imagine if you are totally exhausted by the day’s work and headed home, you just want to take a warm bath and when you get into your bathroom the geyser doesn’t work or the screen doesn’t show the right temperature. It will cause a sense of dissatisfaction and you will feel so restrained. This can be kept at bay if you are using some of the advanced tech home appliances. 

Often people just consider durability and the usage of home appliances while buying one, but with technological advancement, one should opt for an updated one. It also depends upon the usage and the needs. 

In this excerpt, we will provide you some of the effective attributes one should look for while buying advanced home appliances. 

Attributes to look for while buying home appliances


When it comes to home appliances, automation is the key to ultimate comfort. There are lots of automated appliances such as self-cleaning robots that provides alternative to all of the home chores. Different kinds of humanoid robots are equipped with top-class AI. When you are buying one of the home appliances automation is the key to be productive and efficient. One of the main concerns while keeping this in mind is the cost associated with it. Highly advanced home appliances can cause a hefty amount.


Smart appliances 

One of the technological advancement is the smart appliances. Everybody needs a smart home appliance that has an advanced user interface that can be operated remotely. There are loads of appliances that can denote the parameters such as high-end refrigerators or air conditioners that readily provides the temperature and storage capacity. Apart from these, they are also able to provide different prompts when they need preventive maintenance.

Energy-efficient technologies

As we know some of the home appliances use a bulk of energy and it can cost you massively. There is numerous advancement in the home appliances that rates them based on efficiency to use energy. There are different levels of energy efficiency in home appliances. If you are going to buy one of the advanced tech appliances then this attribute should be at foremost as they provide you stress-free usage.

Closed and private aspects

When it comes to security various home appliances provide ultimate security to the home. The remote operation is the next big thing where people can access their home appliances from a distance. It works on the principle of geolocations that enables you to access efficiently.

These are some of the attributes that help to narrow down your search for an effective and productive appliance. Home appliances can be a big sense of relief for those who work long hours. Advanced tech inclusion in those appliances can be an icing on the cake that appeals to masses. Best of luck for your purchase of a technologically advanced home appliance.…

Technology Can Change a Lot in Ten Years
Image March 15, 2020 Technology chris

Technology has changed a lot since I was a kid. Being in my mid-forties, I’ve seen great technological changes over my life. When I was a kid, for example, we knew that computers would be important in the future. But, we didn’t know that they would be in people’s homes and can fit in the palms of our hands. In the last ten years, there seems to be an acceleration of mobile and development towards nanotechnology.

Technology is more mobile, nowadays, because it is smaller and it is smaller so it can be more mobile. Everyone seems to be carrying around a small computer nowadays that are more powerful than the business computers in the early 80s. Fifteen years ago, you wouldn’t see someone walking along the street with a smartphone in their hands like you do now. People can connect to the internet, read email and play games on phones that are fairly high in resolution. For me, mobile technology has meant that I can maintain important communication when I am not at home for long periods.

Another thing that has increased a great deal in the last ten years is the number of cameras that are being used and carried around. Everyone seems to be taking pictures now. The cameras in phones have improved a great deal and easy editing software makes it easier to take good pictures. Cameras have also gotten smaller and easy to keep hidden, which isn’t a good thing, sometimes. But, they can help solve crimes and provide helpful information in other situations. Some people even use them to take pictures of documents or even checks for deposits. That’s something I wouldn’t have seen anyone do ten years ago.

American society seems to be more saturated with computers, in one way or another, than ever. In 2003, it is estimated that only 62% of the households in the United States had their own personal computer. Now, it’s at least 77% with most of those having broadband. This not only means that most people in the country have computers at home, but that they’re probably faster than they were ten years ago. This may mean that more people are using the internet to do things like pay bills, watch TV, chat by video, or shop online. I’ve been using broadband for more than ten years, but it is a lot faster than it was when I first started using it.…

Old World Notes Meets Modern Technology
Image February 4, 2020 Technology chris

Old Meets New and How to Cope

I struggle daily with reconciling old world things with the new world technology. I blog and I also write in a journal, I also tend to take a lot of notes at work. Blogs are digital, no options there. But for my work notes and for my personal journal should these be digital or on old fashion paper? I have done numerous web searches for this exact topic, but I have found little in the way of answers. Which is one of the reasons I am writing this. I may never find the answer I am needing, nor the answer that I am happy with. I more so want to find the best practice for me.

At work the ability to pull up a notebook and sketch, take notes, rip out pages to give instructions, and be more immediate in responses on a factory or lab floor are invaluable. For these uses I use my Moleskine notebook, whether it is a knock off version or an actual Moleskine. Granted at work it would be easy to make the switch to a digital note system, since work provides everyone with a computer, not to mention my iPad. I simply just don’t like the digital clutter that follows at work and with so much stuff happening at work. Going back to sling a thought into a note is that much harder to do on the spot with digital files spread around various programs and apps.

Personal notes and journals on the other hand are simpler to manage as digital or physical paper. If I stay with physical journals and notes I will continue to use Moleskines and keep the little black books around for years. The harder question will be if I choose to go to a digital system, which one do I use? There are many options for note programs and journaling software for both the Apple laptops and for the Apple iPad. File format being the most important, since I log all my backups and keep them around having them all accessible later is very useful. Future proofing in a sense is a great thing even if the retrieval and rebuilding of the data can be notoriously painful, yet not as painful as a total loss of data.

There are also, as you could guess, pros and cons to both styles of notes and journaling. Mainly the issue of electricity. I simply cannot go on a camping trip and easily drag my iPad along let alone a laptop. The quiet of nature surrounding me is a great catalyst for writing, I simply cannot tune in as easily during camping trips with a piece of technology as I can with paper and pen. I also have an issue with durability, since paper is proven and safe from electrical failure. Digital data is easily destroyed with power surges, accidental erasure or even a spilled beer in the wrong place can render anything digital into scrap. …

Business Technology Classes in San Diego: Microsoft Office Essentials and Advanced Microsoft Office
Image December 17, 2019 Technology chris

Business Technology Classes in San Diego provide the opportunity to grow in computer skills making one’s overall skill set much more marketable. If you have a computer but aren’t quite sure how to use all of the program applications, there are Business Technology Classes in San Diego that will help the novice computer user upgrade his or her skills in either the Microsoft Office Essentials Class or the Advanced Microsoft Office Class.

One of the most versatile of the Business Technology Classes offered in San Diego is the Microsoft Office Essentials, which provides a basic background of all of the Microsoft Office programs.

In the Microsoft Office Essentials Class participants gain essential skills necessary for success in most office positions. Participants learn the essentials such as file management, PowerPoint, Excel, and Microsoft Office Word. At the completion of the class students should have a good understanding of program usage as well as computer terminology.

Classes for Microsoft Office Essentials, one of the Business Technology Classes are held mornings, afternoons, and evening. The schedule provides classes on a Monday and Wednesday format, or Tuesday and Thursday format for 3 hours per class twice weekly for 13 weeks. All classes are held at the Adult Vista School and are free of charge to the public.

The next of the Business Technology Classes available free of charge to the public is the Advanced Microsoft Office Class. This class takes participants who began with the Microsoft Office Essentials to a higher level as a user as well as adding to the individual’s business technology skill set. Students learn advanced levels of each program application as well as incorporating graphics usage, designing personal business plans and reports, and building financial spreadsheets.

One of the great assets of this particular Business Technology Class is that it goes in depth into teaching students the basics and importance of business communication including team building techniques and telephone skills.

The Advanced Microsoft Office Class meets between the hours of 9:00AM to 12:00AM twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday for a period of 13 weeks at the Vista Adult School.

The Vista Adult School whose classes operate on a Trimester schedule is located at 305 East Bobler Drive in Vista, California located in the North County Coastal area of San Diego. For more information on Business Technology Classes in San Diego visit the Web site for the Vista Adult School. Inquiries may also be made at 760-758-7122.…

Technology in Medicine Today Merely Hints at the Future Importance of Sound Waves in Your Future
Image December 14, 2019 Technology chris

Whenever I happen into a conversation about long term investing or what the distant future is going to look like my contribution is always the same: sound. Your future and your means of making money tomorrow by taking what may appear to be a risk on what seems like science fiction today rests upon the fact that immense power of sound has not even begun to be harnessed. Mark my words. In the future you will clean your body with sound and soldiers will kill enemies with sound and, more likely than not, your means of transport will be fueled in some ways by sound. Crazy? Ask your grandparents or even some parents if they ever imagined the following common medical practices when they were young.


The ritual of expectant parents heading to the doctor to get an ultrasound image of the baby forming in the womb of the mother has already become mundane. That use of high frequency sound waves to peer right through a pregnant woman’s belly would get that same doctor hauled up before the Catholic Church’s Inquisition if transported back in time a few centuries. You might not even be able to convince a time travel show audience of the Great Depression that it wasn’t just some kind of slick magic trick. The very idea that sound could be used to give you a picture of a growing fetus and actually let you know whether a woman was going to give birth to a boy or girl would most certainly have been considered something more suitable to a pulp science fiction story in a world where Joe McCarthy was able to convince millions that commies were lurking behind every street corner mailbox.

Acoustic Treatment of Kidney Stones

This treatment using technology that harnesses the genuinely awesome power of sound waves to non-invasively rid the body of painful kidney stones is still relatively new enough to raise eyebrows even among young people. How does it work? Remember the commercial where the opera singer hits just the right note to cause a glass to shatter? The higher the intensity of the acoustic waves that create that effect, the greater their power. Make the waves of sound powerful enough and they have the strength to literally break into pieces the acidic deposits that join together to form what are known as kidney stones. It probably won’t be too much longer before acoustic waves are used to shatter brain tumors in the brain. And we’re still in the Stone Age when it comes to harnessing sound to attack health problems located within the body.

Sound Therapy

We don’t need a time machine to convince millions that using sound in its simple form of a musical composition may be more effective at treating depression and anxiety than those fancy, newfangled pills that are all the rage. Sound therapy to treat mental health disorders still lurks out there on murky edges of questionable alternative treatments acupuncture, art therapy and crystals. What …

Improving Contact Centers with Cloud-Based Technology
Image September 23, 2019 Technology chris

In recent years, call centers have developed a reputation for being the last resort when you’re reaching out to a business. Between the utility of the Internet and the call center’s notoriety for both robotic telephone operators and being put on hold, consumers typically turn to other options. In many cases, these problems arise due to lack of experience on running a call center and not having the proper tools to take care of it.

The way to creating an efficient, useful call center is with the right services. That means it should have the ability to cooperate with your existing technological infrastructure. The system should be scalable considering any business would desire to grow, and this includes on a global scale. Similarly, the system should be flexible so as to be able to integrate changes as the business evolves over time.

Frequently, what these call center companies provide is software as a service (Saas). An example of this is Echopass, which provides cloud-based contact center solutions. These services are designed for large enterprises that run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Of particular importance is that these software services are designed to save costs.

Other key factors to look for in a contact center solution geared toward the future is the ability to interact on multiple platforms. That means moving beyond traditional phone lines into the digital realm and smartphones. Having the system based in the cloud makes these solutions possible aside from being more flexible while enhancing the experience of customers.

This also allows the system to be updated easily so there’s little concern for the system going out of date. Also, in the event of an emergency, the contact center can be recovered much more easily because it isn’t generated locally. The call center of the future operates on these principles and is of incredible use to both the IT professional running the system and the business professional opting to employ this system rather than what has traditionally been in use.

A call center is a great way to keep in touch with your customers, but the current state of contact centers need to be more focused on the future. Cloud-based SaaS centers are more scalable for the future and put you in closer contact with your customers because the important thing is the business itself and making the customer happy. With an efficient system in place, you don’t have to think about the contact center and can be confident customers are being assisted.…

Technology Company Builds Crowd Pleasing Interactive Street Sign
Image September 9, 2019 Technology chris

New Technology Street Sign Draws a Lot of Attention

A technology company called simply Breakfast, has created one of the most innovative and crowd pleasing billboards ever, and has installed it in a storefront window in Manhattan, drawing crowds, who have responded like never before. EndGadget says the sign was created for television network TNT to advertise a new television show called “Perceptions” staring Eric McCormack, best known as Will in the popular sitcom Will and Grace. TechInvestorNews, says the new billboard ups the ante for all other organizations who advertise via signs. It can be seen in action in a video posted on YouTube.

The genius of the sign, says EndGadget is that it takes advantage of a natural narcissistic bent inherent in most everyone. To take advantage of that the sign makers hooked up sensors (Microsoft Kinect devices) that are able to record movement. That movement is then translated to mimicking movement on the sign, erasing words in the process that are constantly being redrawn. The result is similar to looking in a mirror except that the image that is shown back to the person in front of the sign is drawn using digital black and white dots.

TechInvestorNews says that the engineers at Breakfast took advantage of existing technology and applied some of their own to allow the dots to switch between black and white quickly enough so that there wouldn’t be any delay, or ghosting. The result is a board that mimics movement in real time, in a splashy fun, and exciting way.

In the video, the people behind the creation of the sign explain that it took a lot of work to figure out how to get the sign to respond just right and that moving it from their facility to the Manhattan site was a challenge all by itself, requiring custom-made boxes and a lot of finger crossing. Thus far, the work appears to have paid off as the sign is a hit both on the streets of New York and on the Internet where both official videos and those taken by people passing by have gone viral. Also of note in the video are some clues behind how the sign works. An entire bank of circuit boards sits behind the screen, each for a designated part of the screen. A single processor then works like an orchestra conductor handing off different parts to the different processors as they become necessary. The end result is a seamless display that will likely become a fixture of modern electronic advertising.…

How Modern Consumer Technology is Evolving
Image August 16, 2019 Technology chris

In the middle of the 1990s, the newest trend in consumer electronics was the personal computer; though this was just barely 20 years ago, the computers of that age are now considered bulky, unsightly and beyond useless. Slowly, as time moves on, the latest fad in consumer electronics moves with it. In the late 90s, it was the graphical version of the Windows operating system, then the laptop personal computer. Then it was the first cellular phones, which in the early years of the new millennium became small enough to fit into your pocket, although they still lacked color screens. Then of course came the camera and smartphone and the mobile device revolution; suddenly the most popular luxury was to have access to the internet ‘anywhere’ via cellular data, be it on a mobile device or personal computer. And finally, as we roll up into the present, suddenly it seems like everybody is interested in making and owning tablet computers.

Of course, it makes sense that the technology world isn’t static. Moore’s law means that, for the time being, even the most advanced technology we have right now will be just as out dated in two years as current two-year-old technology is now. So it may make sense that different fads pass in and out of the consumer electronics market as new technologies are developed. When cell phones first were developed, they became popular because we were first able to make them, right? And isn’t the same true about tablets now; they are just beginning to become popular because the technology to make them is just being developed? Contrary to popular belief, neither of these statements is true.

What is considered the latest technology in terms of popularity is rarely the cutting edge or the most advanced technology available. On the contrary, the most recent example, tablet computers, are actually a step backwards technologically, although in the public eye they are usually considered new and trendy. This is important to keep in mind trying to keep track of what the real advancements in the computing world have been, and when trying to objectively assess how good a price is for a specific piece of hardware, despite what may be popular or unpopular at the time.…

How Technology Can Benefit Business
Image June 17, 2019 Technology chris

Technology is the backbone of businesses throughout the United States and the world. Computers, software, wireless devices and Internet-based tools such as cloud-based storage and virtual meeting applications are helping businesses move at lightning speed. Technology helps small businesses compete with large businesses by making them able to respond to changes in the marketplace at a much quicker rate. In addition, technology can increase employee productivity and efficiency, which can greatly benefit the bottom line of any business.

What can technology do for your business?
As mentioned above, technology offers several key operational benefits. But that’s just the start. Technology can help your small business remain up-to-date and be perceived as forward thinking. Your customers and vendors will appreciate the technological advances you add to your company because it will ultimately benefit them. Things such as order fulfillment and tracking, shipping, turnaround time and communication can be greatly enhanced and improved with the right technology equipment. This helps provide a positive brand experience for today’s most demanding customers and vendor partners.

Technology eliminates barriers
Remember the days when you had to catch a plane in order to make client presentations or meet with companies who might want to sell your product or service? Well, thanks to today’s advances in web-based technology, it is now possible to conduct important meetings without ever leaving your office. Real-time webinar meetings pack the same power as in-person meetings, and they allow you to save time and money in the process. If you’re a small business owner, this is great news, especially if you can’t afford to be out of the office for a few days.

Technology helps reduce business expenses
Technology equipment that is available in every business sector is designed to reduce errors and increase speed and efficiency, and it all adds up to a reduction in business expenses. Here are some of the many other technologies that can help improve your efficiency while preserving your working capital:

• Email Communications
• Computer Hardware
• On-Site Data Storage Equipment
• Web-Based Storage (Cloud-Based Storage)
• Accounting Software
• Sales Management Software
• Inventory Software
• Business Software
• Office Imaging Equipment

Technology will continue to evolve and present even greater opportunities for businesses to achieve short and long-term success. Business owners that embrace these advances are better poised for growth and increased market share.…