Technology Can Improve Vehicle and Highway Safety

Technology Can Improve Vehicle and Highway Safety
June 9, 2019 Comments Off on Technology Can Improve Vehicle and Highway Safety Technology chris

For consumers concerned with vehicle safety, 2012 is a great year.

One topic that is becoming increasingly important in the United States, is reducing the danger associated with distracted driving by integrating new and improved technology.

Several key features are being introduced in 2012, many of which are becoming industry standards, that were aimed directly at keeping the driver focused on operating the vehicle instead of performing other tasks that contribute to distraction on the road.

Technology is at the forefront of helping to solve this issue both in the United States and throughout the world.

Among the specific points of interest are voice-recognition systems, lane-drifting prevention measures, and warning systems that give fatigued or distracted drivers an alert when there is a potential collision.

Effectively, the goal is to make drivers better behind the wheel.

Manufacturers such as Kia don’t believe that safety should be compromised because of price and is offering its primary safety features standard on all models in 2012. There also seems to be an awareness that the more drivers take their eyes off the road, the greater the danger of an accident.

One of the remedies is the use of features that put critical information directly in front of the driver without sacrificing visibility. BMW is using a head-up display, or HUD, in order to ensure that drivers are not diverting their attention away from the driving task. The HUD displays information such as vehicle speed, weather conditions, and navigation information. This is the same technology seen in military aircraft.

Dodge has integrated some of the features of its navigation system, namely turn-by-turn directions, into the primary control panel of the vehicle to avoid the need to look to the side and downward, away from the road.

With the consensus that change is needed in the industry, it is clear that companies are proactive with respect to sharing the important message of driving safety. There are clearly preventable accidents that technology may be able to stop from happening if these features are utilized and become more widespread.

The 2012 Washington Auto Show was a great forum for progress, and the future looks promising for even more advances in automobile safety moving forward.

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