Technology Company Builds Crowd Pleasing Interactive Street Sign

Technology Company Builds Crowd Pleasing Interactive Street Sign
September 9, 2019 Comments Off on Technology Company Builds Crowd Pleasing Interactive Street Sign Technology chris

New Technology Street Sign Draws a Lot of Attention

A technology company called simply Breakfast, has created one of the most innovative and crowd pleasing billboards ever, and has installed it in a storefront window in Manhattan, drawing crowds, who have responded like never before. EndGadget says the sign was created for television network TNT to advertise a new television show called “Perceptions” staring Eric McCormack, best known as Will in the popular sitcom Will and Grace. TechInvestorNews, says the new billboard ups the ante for all other organizations who advertise via signs. It can be seen in action in a video posted on YouTube.

The genius of the sign, says EndGadget is that it takes advantage of a natural narcissistic bent inherent in most everyone. To take advantage of that the sign makers hooked up sensors (Microsoft Kinect devices) that are able to record movement. That movement is then translated to mimicking movement on the sign, erasing words in the process that are constantly being redrawn. The result is similar to looking in a mirror except that the image that is shown back to the person in front of the sign is drawn using digital black and white dots.

TechInvestorNews says that the engineers at Breakfast took advantage of existing technology and applied some of their own to allow the dots to switch between black and white quickly enough so that there wouldn’t be any delay, or ghosting. The result is a board that mimics movement in real time, in a splashy fun, and exciting way.

In the video, the people behind the creation of the sign explain that it took a lot of work to figure out how to get the sign to respond just right and that moving it from their facility to the Manhattan site was a challenge all by itself, requiring custom-made boxes and a lot of finger crossing. Thus far, the work appears to have paid off as the sign is a hit both on the streets of New York and on the Internet where both official videos and those taken by people passing by have gone viral. Also of note in the video are some clues behind how the sign works. An entire bank of circuit boards sits behind the screen, each for a designated part of the screen. A single processor then works like an orchestra conductor handing off different parts to the different processors as they become necessary. The end result is a seamless display that will likely become a fixture of modern electronic advertising.

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