Technology in Medicine Today Merely Hints at the Future Importance of Sound Waves in Your Future

Technology in Medicine Today Merely Hints at the Future Importance of Sound Waves in Your Future
December 14, 2019 Comments Off on Technology in Medicine Today Merely Hints at the Future Importance of Sound Waves in Your Future Technology chris

Whenever I happen into a conversation about long term investing or what the distant future is going to look like my contribution is always the same: sound. Your future and your means of making money tomorrow by taking what may appear to be a risk on what seems like science fiction today rests upon the fact that immense power of sound has not even begun to be harnessed. Mark my words. In the future you will clean your body with sound and soldiers will kill enemies with sound and, more likely than not, your means of transport will be fueled in some ways by sound. Crazy? Ask your grandparents or even some parents if they ever imagined the following common medical practices when they were young.


The ritual of expectant parents heading to the doctor to get an ultrasound image of the baby forming in the womb of the mother has already become mundane. That use of high frequency sound waves to peer right through a pregnant woman’s belly would get that same doctor hauled up before the Catholic Church’s Inquisition if transported back in time a few centuries. You might not even be able to convince a time travel show audience of the Great Depression that it wasn’t just some kind of slick magic trick. The very idea that sound could be used to give you a picture of a growing fetus and actually let you know whether a woman was going to give birth to a boy or girl would most certainly have been considered something more suitable to a pulp science fiction story in a world where Joe McCarthy was able to convince millions that commies were lurking behind every street corner mailbox.

Acoustic Treatment of Kidney Stones

This treatment using technology that harnesses the genuinely awesome power of sound waves to non-invasively rid the body of painful kidney stones is still relatively new enough to raise eyebrows even among young people. How does it work? Remember the commercial where the opera singer hits just the right note to cause a glass to shatter? The higher the intensity of the acoustic waves that create that effect, the greater their power. Make the waves of sound powerful enough and they have the strength to literally break into pieces the acidic deposits that join together to form what are known as kidney stones. It probably won’t be too much longer before acoustic waves are used to shatter brain tumors in the brain. And we’re still in the Stone Age when it comes to harnessing sound to attack health problems located within the body.

Sound Therapy

We don’t need a time machine to convince millions that using sound in its simple form of a musical composition may be more effective at treating depression and anxiety than those fancy, newfangled pills that are all the rage. Sound therapy to treat mental health disorders still lurks out there on murky edges of questionable alternative treatments acupuncture, art therapy and crystals. What is most amazing about this situation is that it exists as we are closing in the 100th anniversary of musical compositions using sound to induce every single emotion known to man inside a movie audience despite the extraordinarily diverse set of psychological states of mind that exist among those in theater sets. Yeah, sound isn’t as powerful an instrument for manipulating moods as a bunch of chemicals stamped into a pill. No, not at all.

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